Re-pack deals with packaging and papermaking solutions for the packaging of fruit-vegetable, biological and conventional products.
The production site extends over 10,000 m2 and has a number of transport vehicles that guarantee an efficient distribution over the entire country.
With the Know-how that began during the years of development of design and industrial packaging, the goal is the development in the packaging sector using technology and therefore guaranteeing efficiency, punctuality and observance of deadlines to the clients, covering all the phases and following the requirements of our partners during the project with great attention, in this way obtaining excellent results with benefits for the production chain. The knowledge and the treatment of high quality materials for foodstuffs is one of the strengths of the re-pack experience, we complete our services with dinking, offset printing, assembly under the strict supervision of our quality control department, allowing us to offer high quality products at the same time remaining competitive and adding additional value due to the meticulous attention to detail and quality of the print.